Arm Tattoo In Jaipur


The best placement area for any kind of tattoo on the human body is the ARM.

Tattoos on arm are the most attractive tattoos you will ever come across. And the thing about arm tattoos is that you can get anything tattooed, literally. From coloured to black n white or floral to geometrical, or a compilation of small tattoos altogether. No matter whatever you get, it will look attractive.

ARM TATTOO IN JAIPUR are our domain in a way. We, at Xpose Tattoos Jaipur, have the BEST experience and artwork in arm tattoos with highly creative artists. Check out our work on our website for our specialized work.

Arm tattoos are more common in men than women but they look extremely and equally stunning on women too. They just somehow describe your personality.



–  Elect your design carefully. Most people who regret their tattoo after getting it done are generally arm tattoos. You need to think over it carefully and never make a rash decision.

Pick your artist wisely.  Good if your tattoo artist is experienced and creative but best if he is patient too because arm tattoos require sheer patience. And if your tattoo artist lacks that, your tattoo is bound to get ruined. Check out what are the qualities you should look in your Tattoo Artist.

Do your research appropriately about everything so that you do not regret your decision later.

-If you are confused, or if you have chosen a design and want to modify it, you should always seek your artist’s help. And if you like it or not, he is usually always right about whatever he is saying, it’s for your own benefit.


Shoulder Tattoo: The best thing about this tattoo is that it is easy to cover, so if you’re working in a profession where a tattoo rises 100 questions, this is the way to go!

Arm-Band Tribal Tattoo: One of the exclusive tattoos for men with good muscle build.

-Half-sleeve Tattoo: The advantage is you could get whatsoever design you want to, but this placement is tougher to hide.

-Full-sleeve Tattoo: If you see someone with this tattoo, assume in advance that the person is too courageous. It looks marvellous if designed properly by a good artist.


– Earlier, the most common tattoos were the tribal designs. They are still very trendy and will always remain evergreen!

– The current hot designs chosen by most people are 3-D tattoo and portraits.

- Religious tattoos (Jesus, Shiva, Ganesha, Buddha, Krishna, etc.)

         Mechanical tattoos

-          Anatomic tattoos

-          Celebrity portraits

-          Animal tattoos(Tiger, Phoenix, etc.)

-          Geometrical tattoos

-          Skull tattoos


ð  Most women choose the following designs:

-          Floral designs

-          Feathers

-          Birds

-          Dragon tattoo

-          Peacock sleeve

-          Wings

An arm tattoo requires more than 1 or 2 sittings, depending upon the size of the tattoo.

Arm tattoo in Jaipur are the most striking tattoos, but they require utmost patience from both the client and the tattoo artist.

Xpose Tattoo Studio in Jaipur is well-known for their patient tattoo artists and their amazing arm tattoo work, they are quite famous for providing Painless Tattoo in India !!!

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