Body Piercing in Jaipur

BODY PIERCING is one of the best form and practice to glamorize your body. It is a form of body modification where a jewelry is worn and Xpose Tattoos will provide you the best painless experience for Body Piercing In Jaipur.

Back in the time it was worn often by women, punks,thugs,criminals,gangsters or homosexuals, but with the modern and developing perspective of people, it is now been flaunted by both men and women of all age groups, throughout the world.

With ear and nose piercing being the most prevailing piercings, at Xpose Tattoo & Piercing Studio Jaipur, we provide all of the surface piercings, facial piercings, tongue piercings, oral piercings, genital piercings, nipple piercing, navel piercings, etc.

Body piercing gives you a sense of unique distinctiveness, and in addition boosts your self-confidence. Most people decide to get pierced for artful intentions and they consider it as an art-form. In India, women kind-of “have to” get their ear lobes pierced. And some people opt for genital piercings for sexual amusement and gratification.

There are numerous ways to pierce the body, and everyone uses distinct approach and mechanism to pierce the desired area. We, at Xpose Tattoo & Piercing Studio Jaipur provide the safest and the most hygienic piercing method in Jaipur, India.


1. The desired area to be pierced is first disinfected with an anti-bacterial and germicidal lotion.

2. The skin is precisely and delicately pierced, with a sterilized, sharp, fresh and clean needle. (Some people use  Anaesthesia, often topical, if the client is super-sensitive to pain, or if the skin demands so. It is generally avoided.)

3. The sterilized, brand new jewellery is added and put in the pierced area very gently and with caution.

4. The passed down needle is safely disposed off by the piercing practitioner in the needle predispose machine.

5. The decorated pierced area is properly sanitized and cleaned by the piercing expert.

6. Piercing aftercare instructions on how to care for your brand new piercing is granted by the expert. And even if he doesn’t, you should always seek yourself about all the safety measures of body piercing.


After you have been pierced, worn the jewellery, you’d have the temptation and itch to twiddle your piercing every now and then. Try to avoid it as much as you can.

Always thoroughly wash and clean your hands before touching your pierced area or the jewellery.

Remove any stagnant debris on the jewellery from time to time.

Apply an anti-bacterial ointment while taking a shower.

cleanse off all the left lotion or debris.

Always pat it dry with a paper towel or napkin, never rub it normally with a towel because it can get stuck in towel and trust me you don’t want that to happen.


1) AVOID :

Fiddling your jewellery.

Touching with dirty hands.

Direct sunlight exposure.



Over cleaning.


2) Don’t let anyone touch, kiss or lick your piercing. It should not come in contact with others’ fluids.

3) Never get pierced by the piercing gun, as it may damage the skin and infect the tissue beneath. Professionals never use piercing guns. They always practice the manual piercing method

4) Do not consume any pain killing drugs, especially aspirin, before/after 1 week of the piercing day, as it may prolong your bleeding time.

If you are still baffled or puzzled about the To-do’s and dont’s about body piercings, make certain that you are thorough with the risk aspects and method of body piercing.

Certain problems like allergies, oral complications, blood diseases, skin infections etc. may occur. Clients should keep in mind that their body response plays an equally important role as the measures taken up by the artist. It depends from person to person, who’s body responses how to the piercing. Some people might easily catch an infection even if proper sterilization and safety measures were followed by the artist.

To avoid any problems, be sure that you are ready to go through this procedure!!! Happy Piercing