Tattoo making in Jaipur is gaining more and more admiration every day. People these days don’t think twice before getting a permanent Tattoo done in Jaipur. But there are many people who really want to get a tattoo done but they don’t just because they are too petrified to get one. They are basically afraid of the pain felt while getting a tattoo.
It is true that getting a tattoo done is a painful procedure, but it is soft pain and easily tolerable by everyone. The people who say that the tattooing procedure pains A LOT, they just under went psychological pain. Most people enter the tattoo studio with an already assumed assumption that the tattoo will pain like hell, so they expect pain and even though it doesn’t hurt that much, they feel it, psychologically.
If you are one of those tangled and frightened people, here are a few tips for you to experience minimal/no pain at all while getting inked:
1. The first and foremost step towards getting a painless tattoo is to be CONFIDENT. Have some self-assurance that you are strong enough for a minor procedure like this and believe in your decision of getting a tattoo. Tell yourself that you really need this and you will get it.

2. Choose a simple and a minor design. A simple and a small design will take less time.

3. Choose the placement area wisely. Always remember that tattoos on body parts with more epithelium barely hurt. So if you are Miss or Mister Sensitive, get that tattoo you always wanted to get but on your upper back, thighs, upper arm, other areas with flesh. Tattoos on areas with thinner skin pain extremely more.

4. Inform your tattoo artist that you are afraid of the pain, he will himself automatically make you feel more comfortable.

– When the needle is about to pierce your skin, start counting backwards slowly to yourself, or take slow deep breaths to relax.

– While getting the tattoo, try to divert your mind by heeding to music, seeing a movie, or talking to the tattoo artist himself if he is comfortable enough while tattooing. You can always bring along that friend of yours with whom you can endlessly gossip and distract your mind away!

If you are still very scared to get that tattoo on your body, and you have a low tolerance for any level of pain, you have come at just the right place – Xpose Tattoos Jaipur.

At Xpose Tattoo Studio Jaipur, one of the best tattoo studios in Jaipur, we do use pain-reducing and numbing agents. They are the anaesthesia which comes in the form of creams and gels. We use creams of Lignocaine, Betacaine, Benzocaine, etc. ONLY IF REALLY NECESSARY.
The Local Anesthesia is first tried on a small area on the skin to check if your skin is compatible with it or not. The desired tattooing area is first cleaned and smooth-shaven properly, then the local anesthesia is applied topically. It starts working in a few minutes and works for a while.
If you are thinking of going for this method:
– Consult your doctor first if it is safe for you or not. Check if you have any allergies, and how sensitive your skin is.

– Ask your tattoo artist about the whole procedure, advantages, disadvantages and cost of it.

– The best and most obvious advantage is that you feel no pain while getting the tattoo done.

– The disadvantages are that it is expensive and most tattoo artists still don’t use it.

This is just an alternative and a very extreme option to opt for. We recommend you going through the conventional tattooing procedure without any anesthetics. At Xpose Tattoos Jaipur, with the best tattoo makers in Jaipur, we can make you feel comfortable even without using anesthetics. :)

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