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Is Tattooing Safe?

Yes, If you go to a professional artist who has a good reputation and is practicing all approved safety measures. Check out what these Suggestions are by going through the Tattoos FAQ & Safety Measures

Does Tattoos Hurt?

Actually Pain is relative. Everybody has a different pain threshold.I am not going to lie here but it does hurt a little. But the pain is not really much. People would not be paying frequent regular visits to tattoo studios for tattoo after tattoo if it hurt that bad! Most of us do not like pain, but the charm of the tattoo and the pleasure and happiness associated with getting a tattoo far outweighs a little pain and discomfort. Always Remember No Pain, No Gain.

What are the charges for getting a tattoo?

When it comes to getting anything permanent for life, you should not consider the charge factor. In Tattooing you get what you pay for. Yes, there are good deal of people out there who will tattoo you for cheap, and then you’ll be asking to a professional artist to cover it up by paying the double amount what you paid to the cheap one.Always seek for quality, and be willing to pay whatever it takes. NEVER bargain or cry over the price of a quality tattoo. It is blasphemous to the artist. If you can’t afford quality work, don’t get in trouble by getting cheap ink. This is not a bargain crate.

What should I get as Tattoo ? And What part of Body? 

 It’s all a matter of personal choice. You can get anything you can think of, and anything your artist is enthusiastic or pleased  to do. If you don’t have anything in your mind then the best option you got is to ask your tattoo artist about his wishlist or you can ask him to create a customized masterpiece just for you. You might want to place your tattoo where it can be easily covered up with normal clothing.

What is the best time to get a Tattoo?

You can get a tattoo any time of the year, but your skin gets a lot exploited during the summer with frequent pool parties (swimming), tanning and just being exposed to the Sun. Winters are best to get a tattoo because your skin takes less time to heal the tattoo during winters

My friend just bought a tattoo machine and wants to practice on me. Should I allow them?

NO! he/she could be putting both of your lives in jeopardy by stupidly trying to practice on you without getting a proper training or apprenticeship. Ask them to get a proper Training first , and then they can start sharpening their art skills on you when their Guru thinks that they are ready to practice on humans.

Can I consume alcohol or booze before getting Inked?

There are lots of reasons not to drink before or during getting inked. First of all the tattoo you are getting is going to stay on you forever so it’s best to be in a clear state of mind and you can decide what, where and who inks you.

Secondly alcohol can cause your blood to thin resulting in a lot of bleeding which can cause poor tattooing by making it harder for the pigment of the tattoo ink to adhere and thereby resulting in poor healing.

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