Tattoos in India for Women


Tattoos in India for Women

There’s a range of tattoos that are more female oriented, small and still beautiful, these tattoos have been gaining the utmost popularity among women these days and they prefer to get these kinds of Tattoos in India.

In earlier times in India, “tattoos” were considered generally only for men and not women, but slowly even women have been getting inked more than men! On an average, if you say a tattoo artist gets 10 clients in a single day, then 6 in 10 are women.

If you look at the scenario of Tattoos in India, it is not a shock for women to get a tattoo these days, it is not considered “something only for men” anymore, it’s now one crucial style statement for them. Women feel getting even a small one inch tattoo enhances their over-all beauty.

Not only for artistic purposes, women get tattoos to show their amorous affection, praise, appreciation, devotion, confidence etc. through different types of tattoos.

Most people think that women get these small tattoos just for the sake of getting one, which is sometimes true, but most of the times women know what they are getting done and there is always a reason, history and story behind what they are getting, be it a small heart or a huge sleeve tattoo.

Even if someone has gotten a tattoo done without any meaning and just for artistic purpose, one simply doesn’t have any obligation to judge that person. At least that person has ample courage to get inked, unlike a few people who aren’t able to get inked just because they lack enough courage. If someone is even getting a tattoo just for fun, you should not bring their moral down.

But one should realize that a tattoo is permanent and it is going to stay with you always 24*7 and forever through the ups and downs of your life, so always THINK BEFORE INK!

If you are nervous about getting your first permanent tattoo done, the best way to start would be with something small.

Read our article Preparation before getting a tattoo if you want to know do’s and dont’s before getting a Tattoo.

There are infinite number of small tattoos you can get, not to mention the “infinity” sign itself. ;P

The most common tattoos are :

Quotes Tattoo

Women tend to get lyrics from their favourite song, movie etc. inked. The context and memoir differs from person to person. A quote could mean something special to a person, at the same time the same quote could hold a deeper and more philosophical meaning for the other.

Zodiac Signs Tattoo

People who believe in Zodiac symbols tend to get their zodiac tattoos to showcase their zodiac personality traits.

Couple Tattoos

Women love getting inked together with their better half, it connects them to an even higher level.

Dream-catcher tattoo

It is the newest rage among women. It signifies getting rid of negativity and attracting positivity.

Stars Tattoo

They could be either just for fun, or they could mean that person craves for success and is passionate.

One word Tattoos

Women tend to get one word nouns inked, such as Faith, Belief, Trust, Karma, Hope Tattoo etc. Whatever they truly believe in, and whatever they truly want to believe in.

Butterfly Tattoo

One of the most common tattoos for women. It signifies transformation and growth throughout life.

Heart Tattoo

It could express love or admiration for self or someone special.

ECG (Heartbeat tattoo)

It could mean expressing love for a loved one, or in loving memory of someone.

Name Initials Tattoo

Either their partners’ or their own, initials are always the smallest and easiest.

Birds and Feathers Tattoo

The newest trending tattoo is feathers and birds, it demonstrates freedom or craving for freedom. This tattoo gives immense self-esteem to women, to fight for their freedom.

The beauty of small tattoos for women is that it means differently to different people. Every person has a story of their own which you can’t judge standing in your own shoes. Everyone wears a different shoe size, everyone has a different personality and an amazing story which means a great deal to them.

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