Tattoo Training Courses in India

With the escalating figure of people attracted in getting a tattoo done, people are now also aspiring to be tattoo artists themselves and are looking for Tattoo Training Courses In India.
Many people suppose that being a tattoo artist is all about easy job and easy cash, but what they do not recognize is that this job equally needs time, hard slog and perseverance as any other easier said than done and serious jobs on the planet.

I welcome you to one of the best tattoo studios in India! We not only grant brilliant tattooing in Jaipur, but underneath the supervision of Xpose Tattoos Jaipur, we also offer the best Tattoo Training Courses In India, Rajasthan. Xpose Tattoo Studio in Jaipur has acquired national recognition and is now one of the most renowned tattoo parlour in India.

We offer excellent training for tattoo making with comprehensive instructions and right techniques. If you’re under our supervision, we assure you that you will be dealing with the most experienced gurus in the Tattoo Industry.
We also educate you about the art history and theoretical comprehension which is as significant as the in-studio practical efforts.

The safety regulations, precautions and aftercare instructions are educated along with the high class of work that is anticipated from a good tattoo maker and thats what we teach here at Xpose Tattoo training institute in Jaipur.

We offer the following courses :
1. Short-Term Course – 1 Month
2. Basic Course for 3 months
3 Advance Training Course – 4 – 6 months
Tattooing is just not about holding the tattoo machine in hand, it’s all about patience, persistence, perseverance, creative vision and sweat equity.


If you’re thinking of becoming a tattoo artist:
1. You should have passed High school at least.
2. Age : 18+
3. You should have an interest and hobby in drawing/sketching/painting.
4. You should be a good listener and have patience.
5. You should be a cleanliness freak. Trust me, if your tattoo studio is not clean, your bank account will definitely be clean!
6. You’ve got to be hygienic.
Sunil Goyal, who has more than 7 years of experience in tattooing has set such high standards for a tattoo studio in Jaipur, like no other.
The kind of reputation that has been built just cannot be competed.

If you’re want to be a aspiring and a successful tattoo and piercing artist, Xpose Tattoo training institute is just the perfect place for you! Our Portfolio Speaks for our name.

by- Xpose Tattoo Training Courses in India, Rajasthan, Jaipur.