Ring Tattoos in Jaipur


Ring tattoos are really small, but it’s the next big thing!

A ring tattoo is inked on the finger(s) of either hands or feet, usually hands. The placement is generally like that of a ring, hence, it is commonly referred as a “ring” tattoo.

If you are looking to get a tattoo dissimilar from the basic and usual ones, a ring tattoo would be a pronounced choice. It is not only different, uncommon, changed but very unique and beautiful.

It is Small and Simple Tattoo which gives a sophisticated and an extremely striking look. It is like a shining appealing accessory on your body. It works like that.

There are different types of ring tattoos that you could get:

  1. For couples: It is definitely the best way to display your love and the finest way to keep your love literally forever.

Married or unmarried, all couples can go for ring tattoos like getting their beloved’s initials, ring shaped tattoos, anniversary date, lock key, etc. inked on each other’s right ring finger, where the wedding ring is worn.

They could also get matching tattoos instead of the actual wedding ring itself. It would absolutely cost you less and will stay with you forever, with zero risk of losing it here and there.

  1. One word tattoos: You could get one word tattoos like Love, Faith, Believe, Forever, etc. Anything you believe in and anything you want!
  2. Symbols: Hearts, stars, Peace, Infinity sign, etc. look utterly gorgeous.
  3. Any important date special to you.
  4. Even just a simple plain band looks just as amazing!
  5. The newly trending tattoos are small Harry Potter tattoos as well.

The best advantage and the worst disadvantage is both the same. Ring tattoos have such a placement that they are easily visible without any efforts. The people working with conservative colleagues might feel uncooperative. But at the same time, care-free people wouldn’t have to make an extra effort to show off their exquisite accessory.

Things to keep in mind if you are thinking of getting a ring tattoo, or have just got one done:

  1. If you are getting something for your wedding, it is recommended not to get it done on the wedding day itself, but after a few weeks of the wedding. As the tattoo in this zone takes more time to heal than usual and u have to Aftercare for your tattoo for several days .
  2. Tattoos in this area are most likely to have flaws, until the tattoo artist isn’t well experienced.

Not to worry, Xpose Tattoos Jaipur – The best tattoo studio in Jaipur have the most efficient tattoo artists with years and years of tattooing experience.

  1. Large tattoos don’t look as good as small tattoos.
  2. These ring tattoos necessitate touch-ups more often as they fade rapidly.
  3. It is relatively a more painful procedure as the skin is very thin here.

Always think and choose your design and its placement wisely. We, at Xpose Tattoo Studio Jaipur will help you out on each and every step, you only have to decide if you are up for the ink or not, rest you can leave it all up to us. :)

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